What is the full form of Atos?

atos .net. Atos is a French multinational information technology (IT) service and consulting company headquartered in Bezons, France and offices worldwide. It specialises in hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data and cybersecurity services.

Who is the CEO of Atos?

The CEO is Philippe Llorens. In 2011 Atos introduced a Zero Email initiative, banning email as a form of internal communications, except for use with customers and prospects. As part of the initiative, Atos acquired the French software company blueKiwi in early 2012, rolling out their ZEN social networking software across its organisation.

Why work at Atos?

Lo scopo di Atos è aiutare a progettare il futuro nelle tecnologie dell’informazione. La sua esperienza e i suoi servizi supportano lo sviluppo della conoscenza, dell’educazione e della ricerca con un approccio multiculturale e contribuiscono all’eccellenza scientifica e tecnologica.

Whats behind Atos 27% fall?

In early morning trades on the Paris stock exchange, Atos stock plunged 27 percent, the steepest fall on record, after it outlined a blueprint to progress the business – one that clearly didnt have CEO backing.

What does Atos stand for?

Atos is a European IT services corporation with its headquarters in Bezons, France and offices worldwide. It specialises in hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data and cybersecurity services. Atos SE (Societas Europaea). “Atos” is the full name, not an acronym.

What is Atos doing to support our people?

… At Atos, we recognise how important our people are and we acknowledge and support what is important to them. We are Atos focuses on the full life cycle of our employee experience through five key areas – Diversity & Inclusion, Social Value, Wellbeing, Life@Work and Customer Experience.

What is Atos autonomous decentralized transport operation control system?

ATOS Autonomous Decentralized Transport Operation Control System or ATOS is a computerized control system used by the East Japan Railway Company to regulate train traffic on railway lines in metropolitan Tokyo, Japan.

What is the full form of GCM in Atos?

GCM stand for Global Compatability Model. GCM-1 is the lowest and GCM-9 is the highest. GCM are diffrent type of levels in Atos, Accroding to various Characteristics like Responsibility, Influence ,Complexity of Work, Essential Skills Knowledge and Scope of Expertise these levels are assigned.

Is Atos a good company to work for?

It’s ok but a lot of work and the management are rubbish and will always go on their phones even though it’s rule you can’t. They also have rats around the building. Was this review helpful? Professional company that values its staff, enjoyed all aspects of working for Atos.

What is it like to be an employee of Atos Mumbai?

Outside state employees are cornered and are pushed outside the company. Any escalations against management are blocked by peer managers who are from Atos Mumbai also. Atos management prefers politics and have complete disregard of merit.

Should I join Atos as a fresher?

Atos presents you with an opportunity to traverse across different domains. Hence, you can enrich yourself with knowledge and practice. Only if they provide competitive benefits as they used to do till 2013-14, they will again be the 1st choice of all IT experts. Was this review helpful? As a fresher I request you to join a small-scale industry.

What is it like to start a sap career in Atos?

I have started my SAP career in ATOS and it was good start and I learn step by step in the support and rolled out, implementation project within ATOS. Job security, Balanced work life culture, Manager are very much friendly and interactive. Salary. Was this review helpful? Great place to learn.

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