Coca cola stock

coca cola stock

What is Coca-Colas stock symbol?

What is Coca-Colas stock symbol? Coca-Cola trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol KO. Who are Coca-Colas major shareholders? Coca-Colas stock is owned by a number of retail and institutional investors.

What are analyststarget prices for Coca-Colas stock?

15 equities research analysts have issued twelve-month target prices for Coca-Colas stock. Their forecasts range from $58.00 to $65.00. On average, they expect Coca-Colas stock price to reach $61.73 in the next year. This suggests a possible upside of 11.7% from the stocks current price.

Is Coca-Cola a great dividend stock?

Beverage conglomerate Coca-Cola ( KO 0.80% ) is one of Warren Buffetts most famous holdings -- hes owned the stock since buying it in the late 1980s, benefiting from decades of growth and dividends. Its a textbook example of the good things that can happen when you find a quality stock and let it work for you over time.

Is Coca-Cola stock a good buy at $56?

Coca-Cola stock (NYSE: KO), which currently trades close to $56 per share, seems to be a decent investment option at the moment. The stock is still 1% below the levels seen at the beginning of 2020.

The average twelve-month price target for The Coca-Cola is $61.53 with a high price target of $65.00 and a low price target of $58.00. Learn more Do Wall Street analysts like The Coca-Cola more than its competitors? Analysts like The Coca-Cola stock more than the stock of other Consumer Staples companies.

What are analyststarget prices for Coca-Colas stock?

MarketBeat users like The Coca-Cola stock more than the stock of other Consumer Staples companies. 70.01% of MarketBeat users gave The Coca-Cola an outperform vote while consumer staples companies recieve an average of 63.16% outperform votes by MarketBeat users. Does The Coca-Colas stock price have much upside?

Is the Coca-Cola Company a good dividend stock?

Yes, The Coca-Cola Company is a good dividend stock and will likely grow over the coming years. The Coca-Cola Company was able to gain stakeholders, and consumers and emerge stronger throughout the duration of the pandemic through revenues, earnings and cash generation — a good sign for future investors.

Is Coca-Cola still a hold for long-term investors?

And while someone like Buffett certainly has an incentive to hold due to the dividend income, even he has not bought additional shares of Coca-Cola stock since 1994. Coca-Cola remains a hold for long-term investors, prospective stockholders should probably look elsewhere for new sources of dividend income.

Why is Coca-Cola stock only rising by 70% over the last 10 years?

Also, since the company sells its flagship Coca-Cola beverage in almost all of the worlds countries, it must depend on other products and creative marketing to drive growth. This may explain why Coca-Cola stock has risen by only about 70% over the last 10 years.

Who are the most famous Coca-Cola investors?

One of the most famous Coca-Cola investors is Warren Buffett. The 400 million shares that Berkshire Hathaway purchased for about $1.3 billion generated $640 million in dividend income last year alone.

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