Ericeira camping

ericeira camping

Where to camp in Ericeira?

Ericeira Campground is a paid campground walking distance to the centre and to some of the best beaches in Ericeira . If you’re staying in a camper van and looking for somewhere to be able to park it so you can go everywhere on foot then this is the place.

Where to set up a tent in Ericeira?

Set your tent close to the Sea The investment that the Ericeira Camping has made in its spaces, always… Read More For nature lovers that don’t renounce the comfort Located in a privileged zone in the Camping Site, on a… Read More All the comfort in an economic proposition. Like the Bungalows Lux, these are located in a privileged area of… Read More

Where to go surfing in Ericeira?

The campsite is also located within walking distance to 58 Surf which is one of the most famous surf shops in Ericeira. 58 Surf has a nice coffee shop where you can also get food and craft beers. Behind the shop, there’s a gas station with a small Pingo Doce grocery store where you can grab some groceries.

How did Ericeira get its name?

Says the legend that the name Ericeira means, in its origin “land of hedgehog”, due to the numerous sea urchin that abounding in the beaches. However, more recent inquiries point the hedgehog and not the sea urchin as the inspiration of the name.

Step 1. Lay down the tent Step 2. Stake the corners Step 3. Assemble the poles Step 4. Slide the poles in the tent Step 5. Raise the tent Step 6. Put the guylines Do You Need to Put a Tarp Under Your Tent? Camping serves to reconnect with Mother Nature. You need to have all the essentials fully packed in your car before you leave for camping.

How to erect a tent properly?

Can you surf in Ericeira?

In 2011 Ericeira was chosen the first World Surfing Reserve in Europe. Although most of the famous surf breaks in Ericeira have a rock bottom, the surf spot in front of Ericeira Surf House is a beach break that is perfect for beginners. If you have never surfed before, the beaches south of Ericeira are the place to be.

What is the best beach in Ericeira?

Praia dos Pescadores, also known as Fishermans beach or Praia do Peixe, is a surf spot in the harbour of Ericeira. It only produces surfable waves on low tide and with big swells.

Why is Ericeira the surf capital of Portugal?

Ericeira is often seen as the surf capital of Portugal and offers an impressive variety of surf spots, crammed into just a few kilometers of coast. In 2011 Ericeira was chosen a World Surfing Reserve, the only one in Europe.

What are the best waves in North Ericeira?

Here’s another of the top-quality waves that are included in the World Surfing Reserve boundaries of north Ericeira. Breaking over pretty gnarly reef and stone on the doorstep of wider Ribeira D’Ilhas bay, the wave draws a lot of power from oncoming swells to create a very lippy and hollow section that’s fast and hard to catch.

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