How do I interact with Kinguin?

To interact with Kinguin today you add an item to your cart, go through the checkout, pay and add an item to your inventory. In other words, you have an interaction with our Premium Economy, where 90% of interactions on Kinguin occur.

Why do I need a special code to log in to Kinguin?

We’ve noticed you are logging in to Kinguin from a new device. As an account security measure, you will need to grant access to this browser by entering the special code. You will find it in your e-mail inbox at

How to sell cd keys on Kinguin?

On the top of main page you can find +Sell button. If you click it, you can see 3 possible actions: If you want to sell a new CD key make sure its on the list, just select it and click Next.

What are the benefits of using Kinguin krowns?

Krowns are available in every country, which enables Kinguin to scale globally. There are significant benefits to an international cryptocurrency, especially when the buyer and the seller are from different countries. Krowns help users avoid expensive foreign transaction fees and exchange rates.

How does Kinguin make money?

How does Kinguin make money? Kinguin makes money by charging fees to the seller for each successful sale. Third-party sellers purchase game keys at meager prices and sell them to buyers at street price. Every time a seller sells a key, they are charged an 11% + €0.35 fee.

How good is Kinguin’s customer service?

“110% SERVICE LEVEL, will not ever shop for games elsewhere!” As LiveChat is their main contact channel, Kinguin’s team is happy that the huge majority of users are incredibly satisfied with the level of the assistance. They help more than 25,000 users each month and still maintain a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

What can I do with Kinguin’s API?

When you connect with Kinguin’s API you are instantly getting access to over 50,000 unique digital products available at Kinguin Integration is a ready-to-use web service, available at marketplace ( ).

What is Kinguin LiveChat?

Today, chat is the main source of contact for Kinguin’s customers. Their team consists of approximately 30 LiveChat agents a day and they serve around 6,000 chats weekly, 24/7. They provide help in 16 languages so users from around the world can easily talk about their issues.

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